Orthotics & Braces

Custom orthotics are a must for chronic conditions such as flat feet Plantafasciitis Osteoarthritis of the foot, knee, hip and back where “gait” (the way you walk) is a factor. Custom knee bracing for instabilities or Osteoarthritis makes life more practical and helps align the knee for less pain.

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Orthotics & Braces available at the Clinic

  • Paris Orthotics Foot Orthotics
  • Bauerfeind Ankle, Knee, Elbow, and Shoulder Braces
  • Bandit Brace (Tennis Elbow)
  • Wrist and Thumb Wraps and Braces
  • Thigh Wraps
  • Over-the-door Cervical Traction Devices
  • Custom Braces

Taping Products

  • Athletic Tape
  • K-TEK STRETCH Kinesiology Tape
  • C-TEK STRETCH Underwrap Tape
  • P-TEK RIGID Sports Strapping Tape
  • Underwrap Foam
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Range of Pricing

Please contact us for product and taping pricing.