Celebrating 30 Years

Located in beautiful Edgemont Village in North Vancouver, BC.

We are Village Physiotherapy! Our team has been helping the Edgemont community remain healthy and active since 1991. As a physiotherapy, and registered massage therapy clinic, we strive to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which our patients can receive high quality treatment from our well-qualified staff.


At Village Physio we are taking the COVID-19 virus very seriously and we thought we’d share how we are ensuring that everyone’s health and safety is our priority during this time.

Some of the precautions we are putting into place…

Our Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, and Kinesiologist collaborate to provide a more comprehensive treatment approach for each client. For information on other treatments we provide, click here.

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Custom Orthotics & Braces

Our therapists have worked extensively with Paris Orthotics and custom brace companies as assessment and fitting practitioners. Custom Orthotics are a must for chronic conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis of the foot, knee, hip and back where “gait” (the way you walk) is a factor. Custom knee bracing for instabilities or Osteoarthritis makes life more practical and helps align the knee for less pain.

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ICBC Update:

Have you recently been in a Car Accident? In an effort to decrease time between the accident and treatment, ICBC has announced that you no longer require a Doctor referral for physiotherapy.  That means, you are covered for 20 visits with an approved claim. This is great news for timely treatment and a speedier recovery.

At this time, we are not accepting new ICBC claims. Thank you for your understanding!
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Patient Testimonials

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Please contact us at info@villagephysio.ca to send us your resume and cover letter!