Fascial Manipulation®

Fascial Manipulation® is an effective soft tissue manual therapy method generally used for myofascial pain and dysfunction, locomotor problems and internal dysfunctions.


Fascial Manipulation® Specialists pay attention to the detailed information about the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, previous injuries/traumas, surgeries, fractures, internal dysfunctions etc. in order to identify and address the root cause of pain and dysfunction. Localized or global compensations can cause an altered perception of body position/movement, motor coordination and distribution of load on myofascial structures and joints, and may increase the risk of injury, pain and further dysfunctions. The individualized precision of this method helps to restore the biomechanics of the fascial system, and to provide realistic long lasting results and even to prevent further injuries.

What is the Fascial System?

The fascial system, an intricate network of connective tissues, serves as a vital framework that seamlessly integrates all bodily systems. Its three-dimensional functional architecture strategically interconnects every structure in the body, boasting rich innervation and serving as a crucial support for the nervous system. This support is fundamental for achieving optimal movement and internal organ function.


Key Components of the Fascial System:


Fibrous Components: These include micro/macro layers of collagen-based structures, forming membranous enclosures around individual muscles, nerves, veins, and organs. They also create sheaths around groups of these structures, facilitating connections across different segments of the body. This multi-directional force transmission is essential for cohesive bodily function.


Loose Connective Tissue Component: Situated between these fibrous layers, this component ensures smooth gliding and non-irritating interactions between bodily structures. The optimal quality of this connective tissue’s lubricating ability relies heavily on the state of Hyaluronan and water content within, contributing to our overall health and function.


What is Densification?

Hyaluronan, a pivotal element within the loose connective tissue, can undergo aggregation (the formation of clusters) due to various factors such as immobility, overuse, movement compensations, trauma, surgeries, aging, hormonal changes, pH shifts, and systemic disorders. This aggregation, termed “densification,” can significantly impact the gliding ability between the fibrous components of the fascial system. Consequently, individuals may experience local or widespread dysfunctions, along with pain and stiffness, influenced by their lifestyle and medical history.


Fortunately, densifications are reversible through the application of Fascial Manipulation®. This approach targets the restoration of loose connective tissue function and overall biomechanics. Detecting and resolving densifications preemptively can yield quicker, more comprehensive, and enduring results, and this proactive approach prevents the onset of fibrotic anatomical changes within the fascial system’s fibrous components, ensuring long-term wellness and vitality.

Fascial Manipulation®

Initial and Subsequent Session                                                           $200