Custom orthotics can significantly reduce foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain, leading to greater comfort throughout your day. Proper foot alignment helps improve your walking and running mechanics, which can enhance athletic performance and decrease the risk of injury.  

When you visit Village Physiotherapy for custom orthotics, the process begins with a thorough assessment by one of our skilled physiotherapists. This evaluation includes not only a detailed analysis of your foot anatomy but also an assessment of your gait and overall posture. During this visit, we also discuss the best type of orthotics for your lifestyle or sport, ensuring that your custom solution truly matches your needs.  

Custom orthotics are casted to an individual's foot using a detailed molding process that captures the exact contours of each foot. This precise method ensures that the orthotics provide optimal support and alignment based on the specific shape and structure of your feet.  

Once your custom orthotics are ready, we'll guide you through a fitting session to ensure they integrate seamlessly into your footwear and daily life. We also provide follow-up care to adjust the orthotics as needed and to answer any questions you might have as you adapt to your new support system. 

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