Individualized Exercise Prescription

Our process begins with a detailed initial assessment to evaluate your physical condition, medical history, and exercise goals. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized exercise plan tailored to safely and effectively meet your specific needs, We provide ongoing support and monitor your progress, adjusting the program as needed to ensure continuous improvement. Additionally, we emphasize education about the exercises and their benefits, empowering you to maintain proper technique and safely continue your fitness journey outside of our sessions. This holistic approach ensures you are fully supported in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Active Rehabilitation

At Village Physiotherapy, we recognize that exercise is a fundamental component of health and well-being for individuals at all stages of life and physical fitness. Whether you're starting to exercise for the first time, getting back into a routine, preparing for a sporting event, undergoing surgery, managing a condition like arthritis, or simply aiming to improve your overall health and fitness, our physiotherapists are here to guide and support you.