Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD, refers to conditions affecting the TMJ (jaw joint) and its surrounding tissues. TMD can stem from internal issues within the joint, such as inflammation or wear and tear, or from external factors like muscle imbalances or excessive tension in the jaw and neck muscles. Notably, TMD is often linked with problems in neck posture, underscoring the relationship between cervical spine alignment and jaw function.
Effective treatment begins with a detailed assessment to pinpoint the exact nature of the disorder. This careful evaluation is crucial for targeting the right treatment strategies and ensuring that other serious conditions aren’t overlooked. Treatment may involve manual therapies to ease muscle tension and enhance joint movement, exercises to strengthen the muscles around the jaw and neck, and guidance on improving posture to alleviate symptoms and prevent future issues. By accurately identifying the root causes of TMD and applying a holistic treatment approach, therapists can significantly alleviate pain and improve joint functionality for those suffering from this disorder.

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